Winter Weather Briefing, December 16, 2021

Winter Weather Briefing, December 16, 2021
Posted on 12/16/2021
City of Pullman Winter Update 21-22The forecast for tonight, December 16,  looks to be chilly and dry, with areas of freezing fog expected to form. Fog may become dense, leading to increased ice concerns. Fog looks to thin Friday morning December 17, but may not completely clear out. A few flurries may be possible through the midday hours with no accumulation expected at this time.

The forecast predicts weather will be dry through much of Friday night, with one more round of flurries possible Saturday morning. However, temperatures look to warm through the day Saturday, allowing a transition to rain for all local routes. Rain and rain showers with gusty winds continue Saturday night and Sunday. The Pullman area looks to remain in the warm sector for the next several storm systems, likely keeping precipitation as all rain. At this time predictions show the weather to remain wet and active through the first half of next week.

In preparing for the type of event forecasted, crews will continue to treat roadways with liquid deicer and/or road salt to prevent the formation of ice and prevent ice from bonding to the asphalt. Application of liquid deicer and road salt will continue until the accumulation of snow dictates using sanding aggregate/salt mix and plowing. If plowing is necessary crews will continue plowing, making sure to make at least one pass on each street. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, two crew members will inspect the roads and address any noted issues.

Maintenance staff will be scheduled for full winter-shift coverage. Additional staff has been scheduled for Saturday and Sunday mornings, to evaluate and execute appropriate snow and ice control activities.

Inventories of road salt, liquid deicer, and sanding aggregate have all been stocked at appropriate levels in advance of winter weather, and are all at acceptable levels for this event.