Kirby Getz Performs Winter Equipment Updates

Kirby Getz Performs Winter Equipment Updates
Posted on 12/03/2021
Kirby Getz discusses recent updates to the City's anti-icing delivery systemsIt is cold outside. Cold nights, paired with moisture, can make for very slick roads. City Maintenance crews consistently monitor weather conditions to take the appropriate steps to ensure that vehicles equipped for winter can safely travel throughout town. An anti-icing agent is a tool used in various situations during winter weather, too, yes - you guessed it, prevent ice from forming. In addition to controlling the slick conditions associated with icy roads, anti-icing agents address black ice and avoid ice-bonding to the pavement.

Recently, Maintenance Worker Kirby Getz made improvements to the anti-icing delivery systems on all of the City's anti-icing equipment. Kirby reconfigured the delivery equipment to provide better access to critical components and identical operational controls.

Kirby joined the Maintenance and Operations Division in July of 2019. With two winter seasons and performing the associated maintenance tasks under his belt, Kirby identified an opportunity for improvement. He suggested the upgrades to Maintenance Supervisor Justin Cohee.

The City fleet includes two one-ton pickups, each equipped with a tank to hold the anti-icing agent, the associated pumping system, and a distribution bar with application nozzles. While each pickup performed the same function, the equipment setup differed, requiring separate operational considerations and adjustments for each. The previous configuration of the solution tanks and pumping systems worked but was inefficient. For example, if a seal failed in the pump, which is not abnormal, gaining access and making the repair took two or more hours to complete. Kirby is very familiar with pumps and sprayer application equipment, having worked in agriculture before starting with the City. Earlier this fall, Kirby, working with Apprentice Maintenance Worker Jarod Taylor, Maintenance Worker Keith Kirpes, and other crew members' assistance, began to update the systems. Kirby described the updates as including changing out the hoses, clamps, cam-locks, screens, and relocation of the pumps. The updates have made the equipment repair-friendly.

Additional benefits include less time to refill the solution tanks and minimizing inventory requirements for critical spare parts. Instead of in the shop, Kirby and the rest of our Maintenance crew will spend more time ensuring city streets are safe for travel. When asked why he decided to tackle this project, Kirby responded, "It was just something I saw that needed to be done."

Thank you, Kirby, for taking action that supports our mission to ensure strong infrastructure for a safe and thriving community!