Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides the following municipal services: engineering and public works inspection, building permits and inspections, street maintenance and operations, sewage collection and treatment system maintenance and operation, water system maintenance and operation, public transit, and city fleet maintenance.

The Department provides these services with a 2019 staff of approximately 84 full-time and 18 part-time employees and a 2019 operations budget of approximately $24,500,000 and a capital budget of approximately $17,900,000.

The organization of the department divides work responsibility among five operating divisions: Engineering, Protective Inspections (Building Permits & Inspections), Stormwater Services, Maintenance and Operations (Maintenance, Operations, Equipment Rental, and Wastewater Treatment), and Pullman Transit.

Public Works Annual Reports are located here.

News & Announcements

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Mader Albion Lot 14 Rezone SEPA

The city of Pullman has issued a Preliminary Determination of Nonsignificance for a proposal which involves rezoning one lot from R3 to C3.

Canyon Crest PRD SEPA

The city of Pullman has issued a Preliminary Determination of Nonsignificance pursuant to the rules of the State Environmental Policy Act for a proposal which involves developing 14 acres into approximately 70 single family homes (on 6 acres) and 8 acres of open space.

Solar Powered City Building

New city government building is solar powered.

Engineering Division
  • Planning, programming, design, inspection and contract administration of all public works construction contracts.
  • Traffic engineering.
  • Keeping records on land divisions, street systems, utility systems, and city property ownership maps and easements.
  • Designing reviewing, approving, and inspecting all public improvements constructed by private developers.
Protective Inspections Division (Building Permits & Inspections)
  • Enforcing building code and related development codes.
  • Keeping records for property building activity.
  • Reviewing, approving, and inspecting all improvements constructed by private developers.
  • Providing education concerning state building code requirements to the public, contractors, developers, architects, engineers and business people through meetings, classes and newsletters.
Stormwater Services
  • Development & implementation of Pullman's Stormwater Management Program (SWMP).
  • Administration of the City's Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.
  • Development & implementation of public education programs regarding water quality and pollution prevention.
  • Review of design work & inspection of new residential and non-residential storm facilities (standards & specifications).
  • Enforcement of Pullman City Code and other ordinances and policies related to stormwater
Maintenance and Operations (Maintenance, Operations, Equipment Rental, and Wastewater Treatment)
  • Maintaining the street system including traffic signals, markings and signing, street cleaning, roadway and storm drain maintenance, and snow and ice control.
  • Maintaining the water system including wells, reservoirs, pump stations, distribution lines.
  • Maintenance, operation, and improvement of Pullman's storm drain system.
  • Investigation & resolution of water quality and drainage problems (report a problem).
  • Meter reading.
  • Purchasing, maintaining, and accounting for all city vehicles.
  • Maintaining the sewerage treatment system including collection system and pump stations.
  • Operating the wastewater treatment plant and disposal of sewage solid wastes.
Pullman Transit
  • Provides Fixed-Route and Dial-A-Ride services within Pullman city limits.