City Council

Mayor and seven Councilmembers in a group photo
Back row (left to right): Councilmember Weller, Councilmember Dueben, Mayor Johnson, Councilmember Parks
Front row (left to right): Councilmember Wright, Councilmember Benjamin, Councilmember Macoll, Councilmember Guido

TERM: January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2025
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters Disability Board (LEOFF)
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Francis is an energetic community organizer and activist whose leadership and volunteer passion extends from youth mentoring to senior advocacy; from the homeless and the food insecure to economic development and training entrepreneurs. He enjoys serving Pullman’s community, welcomes community input, and believes that together we can achieve the best solution.

He came to the region in 1979 to attend the University of Idaho and now engages his engineering, psychology, theology, and political science degrees to design psychological research experiments which answer relevant complex questions. His Political Interaction research lab works to discover ways to improve the current political process. Francis initially served on Pullman’s City Council from 2003-2015 and then expanded his community investment by co-leading Pullman 2040. He is a former president of the Association of Washington Cities.

His wife, Heidi, is a mental health counselor. Together, Heidi and Francis have raised three children--one serves in the military, while the others are employed in social work and health care.

TERM: January 1, 2022-December 31, 2023
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Audit Committee
  • Lodging Tax Advisory Commission (LTAC)
  • Southeast Washington Economic Development Association (SEWEDA)
In 1996, Becky and her husband moved to Pullman as students. Both of their children were born in Pullman, and as they grew, Becky and her family became more involved with the community. They benefitted from the many parks and recreation programs in town, which lead Becky to find ways to give back to a community that had given so much to her family.

Becky has proudly served on the Friends of Neill Public Library Board and the Pullman Parks & Recreation Commission, and volunteered time for various projects in town. In 2015, she earned a doctorate in higher education administration, which provided her insights in effective management. In the last 20 years working at WSU, she built learning communities for students, faculty, and staff.

Now that her children are (mostly) grown, Becky has found the time to serve on the City Council. Serving in Ward 2, she feels honored to represent the year-round residents of Pullman as well as the students, with whom she works on campus.

Becky is excited about the Master Plan for Pullman. She believes the community has the opportunity to become a vibrant reflection of the very best of us, which includes a downtown area that is responsive to continued Pullman growth. It also includes creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive home for all who come to Pullman.

Becky's husband, Doug, works at the University of Idaho. Their oldest daughter, Ursula, is getting her mortuary degree at Lake Washington Technical Institute in Kirkland. Their youngest daughter, Sophia, is a junior at Pullman High School.

TERM: January 1, 2022-December 31, 2025
Boards, Commissions  & Committee Assignments

  • Downtown Pullman Association (DPA)
Megan Guido has lived in Pullman for most of her life and cares deeply about Pullman. She is honored to be serving her community as a member of Pullman City Council.  Megan’s work and education is grounded in public service. She holds two degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s in Public Administration for the Institute of Public Service at Seattle University.  She retired from working at Pullman Regional Hospital for more than 20 years in Community Relations and now works part-time as an Outreach Coordinator at Community Congregational United Church of Christ in Pullman and does freelance marketing and communications.  Additionally, she is a certified Color Code communications trainer and life coach. 

Specific community engagement activities include:
  • Pullman 2040 Steering Committee
  • Pullman Kiwanis
  • Pullman Chamber of Commerce board (former member)
Megan is married to Jeff Kimberling and has five grown children.

TERM: January 1, 2020-December 31, 2023
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Whitman County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC)
  • Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee (PBAC)

TERM: January 1, 2020-December 31, 2023
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Library Board (Ex Officio)
  • Audit Committee
  • Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO)

TERM:  January 1, 2020-December 31, 2023
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments 

  • PalouseOne
  • Board for Volunteer Firefighters & Reserve Officers (BVFF)
  • Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters Disability Board (LEOFF)
Nathan Weller attended Washington State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Bioregional Planning and Community Design from the University of Idaho. He has had the opportunity to work in research farms and labs in Netherlands and Washington. He also worked at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and later at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. Shortly after he was retained as a consultant for aerospace technology, satellite instrumentation and environmental science.

He is an avid entrepreneur and believes in collaboration to succeed. He formed a recreational business, coffee/tea business and consulting business. His experience ranges from science and technology, policy research, marijuana impairment research, political advising, entrepreneur development, marketing and outreach. Nathan was elected to serve on Pullman City Council in 2008 and continues to serve the city along with several local and regional boards focused on urban agriculture, economic development, poverty, entrepreneurship, science, technology, transportation and education.

(2018 – Present) WSU Center for Entrepreneurial Studies: Mentor
(2018 – Present) Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization
(2018 – Present) Pullman Good Food Co-Op Board
(2018 – Present) Pullman Depot Project
(2018 – Present) Pullman 2040: Connectedness
(2017 – Present) Pullman 2040: Marketing, Community Identity
(2016 – Present) WSU & Pullman Town/Gown Collaborative: Communications, Downtown Group
(2016 – Present) Washington State University Institutional Biosafety Committee
(2016 – Present) Friends of Gladish Board of Directors
(2015 – Present) Palouse Knowledge Corridor: Washington State Chair
(2013 – Present) Ex-Officio member to the Neill Public Library Board
(2013 – Present) Chair of Poverty Awareness Taskforce
(2012 – Present) Board Member for Back Yard Harvest (local fresh produce organization)
(2012 – Present) City of Pullman Capital Improvement Program
(2007 – Present) .09 Blue Ribbon Advisory Task Committee for Whitman County

TERM: January 1, 2020-December 31, 2023
Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Lodging Tax Advisory Commission (LTAC)
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
I have been a resident of Pullman since September 1975 and have been actively involved in the community since January 1989. As a result of that involvement, I have been exposed to many different aspects of the community and felt ready to move that involvement to the next level. When the possibility the Ward 3 position became vacant in 2007, I felt it was the right time to submit my name for consideration.

My community involvement includes having served on the boards of directors of the United Way of Pullman, Pullman Education Foundation and the Pullman Regional Hospital Auxiliary and was a member of the Pullman Civil Service Commission.  I currently serve on the boards of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, and Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation. In addition, my position as General Manager of The Bookie, provided me ample opportunity for interaction with both the city and Washington State University. As a result, I understand many of the issues facing the city and the community and I believe my sound analytical abilities along with strong communication skills enable me to recognize problems, solicit input, seek reasonable solutions and articulate outcomes to affected constituencies.

My vision for Pullman continues to be supporting the relationship between Pullman and Washington State University.  It is vital to our success as a city that this relationship continues to thrive. It is very rare to have the strong “town and gown” ties that have been developed between these two entities and it is in our mutual best interests to foster and enhance that partnership. Secondly, I feel that Pullman has the potential of being a destination location with our increased emphasis on economic development, the revitalization of our downtown core, improved retail opportunities, and additional dining and entertainment venues. We must be prepared to sustain the level of growth that has occurred over the last twenty years into the next twenty and be able to promote our community as extremely livable for all age groups, a safe place to live and to retire where businesses succeed and residents prosper.

My husband, Ray, was a Professor at WSU and retired after a 38 year career in Animal Sciences, Reproductive Physiology and Food Science.  We have 2 adult children one of whom resides in San Francisco and the other on Bainbridge Island and we are blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren.  We are happy and privileged to call Pullman HOME .