Parks & Recreation Preschool Celebrates 35 years! 

Thanks to our amazing team of educators and a diverse curriculum the Preschool program with Pullman Parks & Recreation enjoys modest fame within our community. Preschool class spots are highly coveted as everyone wants their children to learn from the current and highly talented, Ms. Jean and her team. Thank you Ms. Jean for your years of dedicated service and helping to educate the youth of Pullman. Here's to many more years! Below are some pictures of the preschool classes, classroom, visitors and instructors over the years. 

Pullman Parks & Recreation is Your Recreation Connection. Our department offers a variety of recreational activities, enrichment programs,  youth sports, trips, summer camps, tween programs, and community events. Please join us!

Our activity guide details all the recreational programs offered through the department. Registration can be done online or by calling our office at (509) 338-3227, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.