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Message From the Chief

As your Fire Chief I wanted to inform you on the activities of the fire department during the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 virus. Our staffing level is current at 98%. We have one member who has chosen to self-quarantine due to the possibility of community acquired exposure from personal travels outside of the region. Our stations are staffed and ready to respond to emergencies in our community, including those specific to COVID-19.

With that said, the virus has yet to impact Pullman the way it already has done to hundreds of communities across the country. To prepare for this we have implemented many temporary procedures and practices to ensure our readiness. More than half of the administrative staff are working from home or off-site locations. Only those identified essential positions are in our facilities on a daily basis. Out of caution, and to ensure the safety and welfare of our first responders, our facilities are closed to all visitors during this national emergency. Furthermore, we have cancelled all non-essential functions like station tours, all out-of-area travel, CPR classes and more. The Firefighters on duty are conducting thorough station decontamination procedures of the facilities, apparatus and equipment on a daily basis. We are participating in numerous meetings every week with stakeholders locally and across Washington State.

Fire department administration has been working cooperatively with the leadership from the firefighters union to ensure best practices are undertaken during these unprecedented times. Additionally, we are coordinating our response measures to the COVID-19 virus with many subject matter experts here locally, regionally, and from across the state.

I am thankful for the continued support and leadership from City of Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson, City Administrator Adam Lincoln and all of our City Council members.

Like similar agencies from across the country, we are having troubles with the supply of the necessary personal protective equipment that is vital to the safety and well-being of the department’s health care professionals. To combat this, we have taken the necessary measures to maximize the life of the equipment and supplies we currently have on hand while continuing to follow the recommendations of the CDC and the Washington Department of Health. We currently do not have any critical needs. However, this situation is very fluid and changes occur almost every 48 hours. To combat this we have developed contingency and emergency plans.

While we are responding to 911 calls across the city, you can help us by staying at home and practicing social distancing. If you have to call 911, please inform the dispatcher of any flu like symptoms so that responding personnel can gather the necessary equipment to protect themselves, their families, and ultimately the entire community.

Numerous individuals and businesses have reached out to the department in support and many have generously offered baked goods and coffee. We thank you for thinking of us and appreciate your gifts. We are truly honored by your generosity. Moving forward, we ask that those wanting to donate small items to the firefighters first reach out to your neighbors and the local food banks. We know there are many talented chefs in our community, but during these times we ask that you reach out and take care of your neighbors.

We will continue to provide the highest level of fire and emergency medical service. You can continue to be proud of the Pullman Fire Department and all of its employees.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Yours for a safer community,
Mike Heston
Fire Chief


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