City Council

TERM: 2018-2021
2021 Boards, Commissions  & Committee Assignments

  • Audit Committee
  • Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO)
In his book Ball Four, Jim Bouton wrote: “You spend your life gripping a baseball, and it turns out that it was the other way around all along.”

Anybody who knows me well knows that baseball holds a dear spot in my heart.

Same with Pullman.

If I were Jim Bouton, I might have written something like: “Once you grip Pullman even for a few years, it ends up gripping you for the rest of your life.”

My wife Sarah and I got married when we were just 21, a year before I came to WSU as a transfer student. While here, I double-majored in Broadcast News and Spanish. I was a reporter, columnist, and editor with The Daily Evergreen. I was assistant sports director at KUGR and did a lot of play-by-play for Coug basketball and baseball games. We lived off campus (Dexter Street) and, even though I was a student, I was immediately able to appreciate Pullman for more than just the university. Sarah and I loved taking walks in Lawson Gardens, going to movies down at the Audian, and, whenever we could scrounge up a little extra money, go to dinner at the old Pete’s Bar and Grill. Our oldest son Sterling was born three days before we pulled out of town to go to grad school and, of course, we never really knew at that time whether we’d be back.

Fast forward 10 years… I earned my master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University… spent a few seasons as a professional baseball play-by-play broadcaster (2006 with the Washington Nationals’ Single-A affiliate in Woodbridge, Virginia. 2007 with the Colorado Rockies’ Single-A affiliate in Asheville, North Carolina)… almost five years as a communications specialist with the Washington State Department of Early Learning… a year and a half as senior communications specialist with Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging. By now we had four rambunctious boys.

When Longview Fibre sold for a billion dollars in 2013 to a company headquartered in Chicago, I knew I didn’t want to move there for any reason (no offense to my ChiTown friends). So, it didn’t take long for my wife and I to realize the opportunity had come for us to look at some options, both for career advancement and quality of life. We were positive we wanted to raise our kids in Pullman. So I started looking at a variety of places. A position was open at the WSU College of Education for Director of Marketing and Communications. I applied. I got the job.

We don’t regret our move for one minute. Not even one second! I’ve been involved in Pullman Kiwanis, am heading into my fifth season coaching baseball with PYBA, have spent two seasons as PYBA president, been a high school mentor, spent a time with PHS Boosters, and was appointed to the Board of Adjustment for two years. I believe in service and have been happy to serve our great city.

I ran for City Council because I think Pullman is perfect. Perfect but with things to work on :)! I would like to utilize my skillset to enhance communications with residents. I think every area that needs work can be fixed. I firmly believe that extremely intelligent residents may be the ones with the solutions to those issues. Because of this, good communication is vital. I look forward to the discussions I will have with you.

TERM: 2020-2023
2021 Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Whitman County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC)
  • Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee (PBAC)
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

TERM: 2020-2023
2021 Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Board for Volunteer Firefighter & Reserve Officers
  • Library Board (Ex Officio)

TERM: 2018-2021
2021 Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters Disability Board (LEOFF)
  • Audit Committee

TERM: 2018-2021
2021 Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Southeast Washington Economic Development Association (SEWEDA)
  • Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC)
I have lived in Pullman nearly my entire life. My father accepted a teaching position at WSU in 1966. I grew up here and graduated from both Pullman High School and Washington State University. Growing up and living in Pullman taught me to appreciate the “small town” living. Pullman is great place to live and raise a family. My motivation for running for city council is that I want Pullman to continue to be a great place to live and raise a family. I feel that I can give back to Pullman by giving my time to serve on the city council. I believe I can help to make a difference in Pullman.

I would like to see Pullman be a thriving city. I would like to see enough businesses in Pullman so that if a person needs something it can be purchased in Pullman versus going to another city. I want to see our downtown grow and thrive, which needs some work to get it up to snuff. I want Pullman to continue to be a place for kids to grow up in a safe environment. I would like to see the city continue to work with WSU to make Pullman a great experience for both the students and locals.

Since my election, I have told people to call me anytime if they have a question or concern. I intend to be available as much as possible. Communication between government and the people is important. I want people to know that I am approachable.

I have worked locally in the insurance industry since 1989. I am currently the owner of Pioneer Insurance in Pullman. I have served on the Pullman Parks and Recreation Commission. I am a past member of the Pullman High School Booster Committee and am the founder and president of the Pullman Junior Golf Club. I love Pullman and intend to be here for sometime to come.

TERM: 2020-2023
2021 Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments 

  • Palouse Knowledge Corridor
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Nathan Weller attended Washington State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Bioregional Planning and Community Design from the University of Idaho. He has had the opportunity to work in research farms and labs in Netherlands and Washington. He also worked at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and later at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. Shortly after he was retained as a consultant for aerospace technology, satellite instrumentation and environmental science.

He is an avid entrepreneur and believes in collaboration to succeed. He formed a recreational business, coffee/tea business and consulting business. His experience ranges from science and technology, policy research, marijuana impairment research, political advising, entrepreneur development, marketing and outreach. Nathan was elected to serve on Pullman City Council in 2008 and continues to serve the city along with several local and regional boards focused on urban agriculture, economic development, poverty, entrepreneurship, science, technology, transportation and education.

(2018 – Present) WSU Center for Entrepreneurial Studies: Mentor
(2018 – Present) Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization
(2018 – Present) Pullman Good Food Co-Op Board
(2018 – Present) Pullman Depot Project
(2018 – Present) Pullman 2040: Connectedness
(2017 – Present) Pullman 2040: Marketing, Community Identity
(2016 – Present) WSU & Pullman Town/Gown Collaborative: Communications, Downtown Group
(2016 – Present) Washington State University Institutional Biosafety Committee
(2016 – Present) Friends of Gladish Board of Directors
(2015 – Present) Palouse Knowledge Corridor: Washington State Chair
(2013 – Present) Ex-Officio member to the Neill Public Library Board
(2013 – Present) Chair of Poverty Awareness Taskforce
(2012 – Present) Board Member for Back Yard Harvest (local fresh produce organization)
(2012 – Present) City of Pullman Capital Improvement Program
(2007 – Present) .09 Blue Ribbon Advisory Task Committee for Whitman County

TERM: 2020-2023
2021 Boards, Commissions & Committee Assignments

  • Law Enforcement Officers & Fire Fighters Disability Board (LEOFF)
  • Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC)
I have been a resident of Pullman since September 1975 and have been actively involved in the community since January 1989. As a result of that involvement I have been exposed to many different aspects of the community and felt ready to move that involvement to the next level. When the possibility that the Ward 3 position would be vacant, I felt it was the right time to submit my name for consideration.

I have been actively involved in the community for 18 years, serving on the boards of directors of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Pullman and the Pullman Education Foundation as well as serving on the Pullman Civil Service Commission. In addition, my position as General Manager of The Bookie, provided me ample opportunity for interaction with both the city and Washington State University. As a result, I have an understanding of many of the issues facing the city and the community and I believe my sound analytical abilities along with strong communication skills would enable me to understand problems, solicit input, seek reasonable solutions and articulate outcomes to affected constituencies.

In my vision for Pullman 20 years from now, I see, first and foremost, the relationship between Pullman and Washington State University continuing to thrive. It is very rare to have the strong “town and gown” ties that have been developed between these two entities and it is in our mutual best interests to foster and enhance that partnership. Secondly, I feel that Pullman has the potential of being a destination location with the growth and development of conference and convention facilities, recreational opportunities and increased shopping, dining and entertainment venues. We must be prepared to sustain the level of growth that has occurred over the last twenty years into the next twenty and be able to promote our community as extremely livable for all age groups, a safe place to live and to retire where businesses succeed and residents prosper.

My husband, Ray, has been a Washington State University Animal Sciences professor since 1975. We have 2 children, Caroline, 27, a project accountant for The Gap Corporation in Albuquerque, N.M. and 2002 graduate of WSU; and Joe, 25, a second- year law student at Santa Clara University and 2005 graduate of the University of Washington. We enjoy our two English Springer Spaniels, love to travel and are avid college football fans.